Cape Town Club

   German  Shepherd  Dog  Federation  of  SA             


Year End Braai 2017

Bonteheuwel Soccer Club Youth Day Demo

Honorary Life Members                                             

  At the club's annual general meeting on 13 February 2011 honorary life
  memberships were awarded to 12 members for 20 years of unbroken
  membership of the club and for their loyalty and support. 
   Back left to right: Jeff Pain, Chanine Swanepoel, Margaret McIntyre,
  Alan Biesman-Simons, Magriet Ackhurst, Peter Visser.
  Front left to right: Claudette Anschutz, Jenni Biesman-Simons,
  Jenny Lehmann, Gunter Lehmann 
  Absent: Heinz  Strohwald, Brian McIntyre

     Upcoming Events

      Begleithund (BH) Test
      Date: 19 March 2017
Venue: Bevcan Sportsfield
      Judge: Alan Biesman-Simons

      Endurance (AD) Test
        Date: 25 March 2017
Venue: Bevcan Sportsfield 
      Judge: Nicky Myburgh  

                                                                Breed Survey
        Date: 02 April 2017
Venue: Bevcan Sportsfield 
      Surveyor: Dennis Trotter
      Helper: Alan Biesman-Simons


   BH Test 20/03/2011

    Endurance Test 27/03/2011

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